Are You Paying Too Much for Your Healthcare?

Did you know that the same medical procedure can be two to three times more expensive at one facility compared to another with no difference in quality? When you are paying out of pocket, cost matters. You can comparison shop to find high-quality outpatient procedures at a price that fits your budget.

Compare Costs

Outpatient procedures and many other services are generally performed at either a hospital outpatient department (HOPD) or at an outpatient surgery center.

The average cost for three of the most common outpatient procedures at a surgery center is significantly less compared to a hospital:

Procedure Average ASC Cost Average Hospital Cost
(no biopsy)
$1,590.08 $3,059.07
Upper Endoscopy
(no biopsy)
$1,440.20 $2,831.48
(no biopsy)
$649.82 $2,058.78

Source: Healthcare Bluebook

Unless you have a health condition that requires access to a full-service hospital, you can receive a procedure of identical quality with increased convenience and savings at a surgery center.

Benefits of an Outpatient Surgery Center

  • Easy Access — Since surgery centers focus on a limited number of procedures, navigation is much easier than in a typical hospital environment
  • Transparency — Surgery centers provide pricing information before the procedure, not after
  • Safe, Quality Procedures — We hold ourselves to the highest of standards as the center is accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). We are also CMS certified.
  • Comfortable Environment — Pleasant, relaxed atmosphere with convenient parking
  • Personalized Care — Targeted, specialty services in a smaller setting that feels more like home
  • High Satisfaction Rate — Surveys reveal a 92 percent satisfaction rate among surgery center patients

You deserve to know all of the details about your out-of-pocket responsibility so you can evaluate, compare costs and make wise financial decisions with your healthcare dollars. Ambulatory surgery centers have been performing safe, high-quality outpatient medical procedures for more than 40 years.

Consider scheduling your next outpatient procedure at a surgery center.